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Benchmark Assignment: Epidemiology Paper Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Benchmark Assignment: Epidemiology Paper There are considerable numbers of various communicable diseases that jeopardize every individual worldwide. Dangerous viruses and pathogen bacteria, harmful microorganisms and fungus can trigger around 200 infectious diseases, and influenza is a dominative one in this group. This paper will provide an accurate overview of influenza including clinical descriptions, the determinants of health relatively to the indicated sickness progression. Simultaneously, the work will represent epidemiological situation relatively to influenza, and community health care actions on this issue. Furthermore, the contributions of the different organizations and agencies will be available. Description of Influenza Influenza is a common, highly contagious, airborne disease that infects the body through the upper respiratory tracks and causes severe intoxication of the body. It appears as “acute febrile” sickness associated with variable symptoms and signs, “ranging from mild fatigue to respiratory failure and death” (Nguyen, Bronze & et al, 2016). Typical influenza primarily manifests in fever, aching muscles and joints, frontal or retro-orbital headache, sore throat, nonproductive dry coughing or other respiratory impairments. Infected people may feel miserable having running nose or nasal congestion, shivering attack, photosensitivity, burning sense

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