Questions On Ethics And Ethical Dilemmas

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Running Heading: Ethical Dilemmas Vignettes Capella University Ethical Dilemma Vignettes Advance Ethics Leadership Study in Human Behavior Dr. Washington January 30, 2015 Ethical Dilemma Vignette Abstract In this seminar the researcher will addressed to ethical dilemmas, these ethical dilemmas will be two complex situations that often involves an apparent conflict in which will result in transgressing another. In every organization individuals face ethical and moral dilemmas, which is definitely a product of the minds of the leaders of the organization. According to Durkheim 2013, ethics really tackles the fundamental questions about one’s human life which relates to how people live and should do in particular situations. However, what is the difference between ethical issue and moral issues? Durkheim 2013 notes that, our morals and values are attribute to a system of beliefs, it may be religion, political or philosophical. Ethics is really how business owners apply those beliefs in their short and long-term goals. Additionally, each concept is intertwined and must be applied carefully to maintain an image of professionalism as well as accountability. Durkheim 2013 notes that, there is definitely a difference between morals and ethics, morals defines one personal characters while ethics stresses a social system in which ones morals are applied. Ethical Dilemma Vignette The researcher will discuss ethical dilemmas in the workplace as it relates to
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