Questions On Eu Procurement Directives

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EU Procurement Directives
WHG is a housing association using public funds to finance projects and is therefore classified as a public body (ONS, 2016). According to Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) website which lists the thresholds for all affected contracts, the threshold for “Other contracting authorities” under “Work Contracts” is £4,104,394 (€5,225,000) (, 2016). The current project in question with an estimate of £24.6million clearly exceeds this threshold and so would be subject to the EU Procurement Directives, specifically The Public Contracts Regulations 2006 (Powell, 2012[212-213]). Therefore this project must be advertised in the OJEC since “all tenders from the public sector which are valued above a certain financial threshold according to EU legislation, must be published.”(, 2016). The advert must include the identity of the client, basic project details, estimate of likely cost, key dates, specification of required documentary evidence, form of contract and the tender award criteria (Morledge and Smith, 2013[69])
Choice of procurement procedure
OJEU Regulations provide four choices of procurement procedure: open, restricted, competitive dialogue and negotiated; following this, public authorities have an option to choose between the open and restricted procedures (OGC, 2008[6]). WHG has a pre-qualification requirement for contractors with experience in working with housing associations and building affordable housing units. In…
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