Questions On Fedex Financial Performance

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1. Prepare to describe in class the competition in the overnight package delivery industry, and the strategies by which those two firms are meeting the competition. What are the enabling and inhibiting factors facing the two firms as they pursue their goals? Do you think that either firm can attain a sustainable competitive advantage in this business? Inhibiting factors: The main factors inhibiting both companies are each other, both companies have attained a market dominance that is hard to overcome by any of them. In FedEx case, their financials have been their weakest spot. FedEx poor financial performance has been a big problem for the company, proof of this is the downgrade FedEx bonds have had in past years. In UPS, I would say one of their inhibiting factors is their lack of innovation. UPS has not been able to innovate and work with the technological improvements. Part of this is due of being first in the market, UPS was founded in 1907, FedEx in 1971, FedEx has gained a reputation of the leader in innovation and modernization, UPS as the follower. Also, UPS workers union have represented a huge problem for them, workers union strikes have had a huge hit in the company finances. Enabling Factors Market dominance, growing market, technology, and globalization are enabling factors for both companies. In a more specific approach, FedEx’s enabling factors are their adaptation to modernization, being able to really take an advantage of technology. Also, their more
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