Questions On Feminist Identity And Reactions Of Gender Discrimination

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MCS*3500 – Reflection 1 – Threats to Feminist Identity and Reactions to Gender Discrimination
Tyler Ciprietti – 0786162 –

1. Describe the context (why it was done, the general interest and what the researchers wanted to find out) of the research and research question (what is the hypothesis). /10

The goal of the study was to identify factors that shape women 's responses to in-group members who protest gender discrimination. The participants were all undergraduate females that were all given the same information prior to the start of the study. The one difference was the scenario (manipulation) in which the female lawyer was being discriminated. The researchers told some participants of the study that the lawyer protested and told the others that she didn’t. They wanted the participants to evaluate the lawyer (would they like her more if she protested or would they like her less). The researchers predicted and found that women who perceived gender discrimination as insistent observed a protest response as being more appropriate than a no protest response and conveyed greater liking and less resentment towards the female lawyer who protested rather than if she did not protest.
The case addressed two questions. First, the researchers examined whether women’s emotional and evaluative reactions to a female target that either protested or did not protest biased outcome would depend on the beliefs about the pervasiveness of gender discrimination.…
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