Questions On Formal Dress Code

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Task 1

Customer Details:
Name: Insight LTD 270 Castle Way Bournemouth Dorset BH8 9TU

Sales Meeting Details:

Date: 12th December 2015

Dress Code: Formal Dress Code

Time: 10.00 – 11.30 AM

Meeting Attendees: Phil Smith (managing director of Insight), Toby Williams (line manager)

Resources: Leaflets, options for different colours/styles of strips and their prices, website address, information on other teams strips your company has provided, customer recommendations, any discounts or offers available, pictures of previous strips, real example of material used.

A map will be provided for reaching the destination and the route will be planned beforehand. The journey should take no more than 15 minutes.

The designated length of the meeting is 1hr ½ which gives plenty of time to go through in detail our products and services and gives opportunity for any questions you are the managing director may have.

The desired outcome is to ultimately gain their business but we also want to make them aware of the different strips and other products for future reference.

Meeting and Greeting the Customer

It is important to break the ice with the customer and to do this you can ask questions about their business and the environment they work in. Make sure you shake their hand and remember to smile as this puts them at ease and comes across as friendly. Have relaxed but confident body language and ensure you maintain eye contact. Avoid using clichés for example ‘time…

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