Questions On Gender And Psychology

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Student No. : 8598886 Subject : PYB 054 Gender and Psychology Tutor : Ron Frey Due date : 11/05/16 Word count : Abstract It has been believed for decades that women generally tend to be more emotionally expressive than men. However, do this gender difference really exist between men and women? Many studies have found that this indeed is the case, however studies have also found that men can be more emotional than women too, depending on the type of emotion expressed. However, one emotion that women generally are thought to express more than men is sadness. The most common way seen to express sadness is by crying. There are numerous factors that can account for this difference in expressiveness however, this article will discuss what appears to be two of the most significant causation, which is biological and environmental, more specifically, the difference seen from an evolutionary perspective and a stereotypical perspective. The effect and significance of this difference will also be addressed and whether this difference should be annulled. Numerous studies on this topic of gender difference of emotional expression has been researched, with many of them concluding that women are indeed generally more emotional than men. However, there is also evidence that not all women are likely to be more emotional than men and that not all men are likely to be less emotional than women.
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