Questions On Global Market Environment Of Argos Company

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MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ID number L0428SVASVA1014 Student Elena Tsoy Module name Strategic Management Tutor Mervyn Sookun Individual assignment R Submission deadline April 30, 2015 Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Main areas of research and resources used 3 Analysis of strategic models adopted 3 Porter’s Five Forces Model 4 PESTLE 4 Key Conclusions and Findings 5 Contribution 6 References: 7 Executive Summary The primary purpose of the report is to analyze global market environment of Argos Company. Based on the outcomes of the study, reasonable recommendations for the improvement of the success and development of a long-term strategic performance of the company are evaluated. Hence, various tools are implemented in the report analysis. Porter’s Five Forces, PESTLE, SWOT, Kotter’s model, the 7S of Mckinsey and the Blue ocean strategy are tools that have been used in the research analysis. Moreover, analysis of strategic capabilities, international expansion strategy, resources and core competencies are conducted in the research to examine the current marketing environment of Argos Company. Argos is part of Home Retail Group and is one of the largest retailers in UK serving customers through hundreds of stores across the country. Argos major core competency for competitive advantage is a successful multi-channel retailing strategy with strong project management office. However, some of the major findings of the study
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