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Ryan Ramsdell June 1, 2015 Global Studies 1 GS1 Spring Final Reflection For our Global Studies 1 spring final project we had to think of a thesis that used “Through my history and English courses, I have learned...” as a starting/expansion point. We were to write journals that responded to different open ended questions about the process of this project and about our experiences in this course. The main part of the project is the product which was a medium of our choice that exhibits a meaningful point of connection for you between history and English this year. My product for this project is a website. It is a multilayered bubble map/mind map that demonstrates, through each English book and history unit, that when you analyze a conflict, large or small, deep down, moral obligation plays a big part in the outcome and the cause. I explored the cause of each conflict and major event in each English book and history unit, and walked the viewer down a path that shows to the root cause, moral obligation. In the history side of my bubble map, I explored and analyzed the different units and conflicts that we went over in history and demonstrated how moral obligation is involved directly or indirectly with the underlying causes of the conflict. For example in World War II, Hitler began his anti semitic regime in January 30, 1933 by slowly separating the people that he felt were not his type. No one made an effort to step in until it was too late. It took until the end of 1942 for

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