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aGuide to Gluten
Elizabeth Henry

Introduction: Gluten Friend or Foe Have You Ever Felt Like? Would You Like to Have? Then Read This Guide!

Chapter 1: What 's the Big Deal About Gluten? -What is Gluten? -Where do you find it? -How did this happen -What can you do about this?

Chapter 2: What gluten can do to you? -Digestive Issues -Autoimmune Issues -Cardiovascular Issues -Neurological Issues -Missed Diagnoses

Chapter: 3 Dealing with Gluten -Diet -Other Food Alternatives!

Chapter: 4 A Gluten Free Life -Living Gluten Free! -Avoiding Gluten: Parties, Restaurants, and Social Events! -What Happens When You Cheat?

Chapter 5 Cuisine and Cooking! -Using Gluten Free Ingredients -Problems and Solutions -Gluten-Free World Cuisine -Sample recipes

Chapter 6 Put It Together -Helpful Things -Give Yourself a Hand -Watch Out For These Things! -Remember to Live! Introduction: Gluten, Friend or Foe?

Gluten, gluten, gluten; what is it? Why is everyone making a big deal about it? If you have been paying attention to the world of nutritional health for the last several years, you 've probably heard something about gluten. Gluten is basically a collection of proteins found in wheat, barley, and rye. You might be wondering though what the big deal is. On the other hand, you may also be worried gluten. You may be wondering that it is causing the health problems that you 're experiencing. Have you have been wondering whether you are having a problem with
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