Questions On Group And Team Terminology And Concepts From A Theoretical Perspective

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1. Questions Related to Group Dynamics
This assignment asks you to respond to a number of questions that address the more. Be sure to include citations in proper APA citation format and a reference list following the conclusion of the essay. This assignment is worth 15 percent of your final course grade.
The purpose of this assignment is to further develop your knowledge of group and team terminology and concepts from a theoretical perspective.
Answer each of the following questions as a separate section in your essay. Remember that your response to each question is to be more than an impression, but rather is to be illustrative of research and the application of the theoretical to real world situations involving groups and teams.
1. How do Norms and Conformity Affect Group Behavior?
2. Define synergy and interdependence and describe why they are critical to teams.
3. Describe how group size affects group behavior.
4. Define group think.
5. Explain why teams provide enhanced job satisfaction to their members.
Your assignment is to be not more than 6 pages double spaced using Time Roman 12 point font. It is to have an introduction and conclusion. You must include reference to the course readings or sources outside the course that you have consulted in preparation for this assignment. Be sure to properly cite your references and to provide a reference list following the conclusion to the essay.
This assignment is worth 15 marks toward…
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