Questions On Group Work Skills Essay

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Question 3: Group work skills: Reviewing group work skills allowed the writer to understand the reason why these leadership skills are key in supporting members and creating cohesion. The writer plans to use these skills in the current field placement. Some skills, such as requesting information, and partializing can also be used in individual sessions and when working with families. The hope is to continue practicing the skills to master them. The writer will continue seeking consultation and feedback from the field instructor and group co-workers. Finally, the writer will observe group workers to continue obtaining additional group skills to use in social work practice. The following are vital leadership skills that all group workers should practice:
1-Involving Group Members: Group members can be naturally timid or afraid of participation. Motivating members to participate in group allows them to gain from mutual aid; aiding them in fully benefiting from the group experience and also assists in group cohesion. Group members can be motivated to contribute by asking them a specific question. For example, if a member previously disclosed they joined a grief and loss group, the group leader can inquire: “Sandra, last week you shared that you benefited from the grief and loss group? Can you tell us about your experience?” 2- Requesting information: In order to clearly understand the problem of a group member, the group leader should seek clarification if
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