Questions On Health And Behavior

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Abstract 3
Introduction 4
Foundations of client’s health and behaviour 5
Who is the client? 5
The importance of health and illness to the client 5
Factors affecting health and behaviour 9
Making health decisions 9
The impact of social influences and inequalities 9
Psycho-physiological aspects of health 13
Relationship between emotions and health 13
Pain 14
Prevention of illness and promotion of health 16
Propose an intervention 16
Illness prevention / Health promotion impacts 17
Summary 18
References 19


A case study was undertaken to demonstrate the impact of health and illness of a person. It demonstrates the overall beliefs and
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The case study will show and provide insight into the life of May Dunne and how she has continued with as much normaility as she can.

Foundations of client’s health and behaviour

Who is the client?

A lady named May Dunne of who is aged 68years old, suffering from rheumatoid arthritis since 1995. May had hobbies such as playing the piano, sewing and watching TV. May finished school and became a housewife to David Dunne and five children. May liked to look after the house, and to bake and cook for the family. A number of questions were asked to May, to provide understanding how she has dealt with her chronic illness as well as how she perceives her illness in effect of her daily activities and lifestyle.

May’s pain became more noticeable and she became stiff, her body would ache and she was becoming slower in movement. It was diagnosed by her doctor with x- ray and blood results that May had rheumatoid arthritis. It has been treated with vitamin supplements, medication and oils/rubs to ease the pain. As the continuation of the case study proceeds May will be referred to as the client.

The importance of health and illness to the client

The client was asked how important it was to maintain a healthy family was to her, the client responded “looking after five children on a farm you have to make do with what you have and most of the things the kids got, I made.” The client also stated “The nearest health facility to her was about 2 hours
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