Questions On Health And Wellness

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Starting out with the first chapter we discussed in class, you asked students to share with the class to define what the words health and wellness meant. At first I didn’t know what the actual definitions for neither of the words. I always just had the idea that health was more based on what you eat, and wellness was more about the physical part, like working out and exercising. Those were my definitions of health and wellness, but I never really thought about the other dimensions of wellness, such as; emotional, intellectual, interpersonal, spiritual, and environmental. That same day I thought about what we were talking in class, and I saw how all of the actions I make, connect with each other in a way and lead to the choices I make throughout the day. Chapter two to me, covered basically about exercising. How experts recommend 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week. I personally didn’t really exercise at all, but after reading the chapter it made me consider on setting some time aside for me to exercise or do some sort of activity at home, whether it’s jump roping or watching videos online about work outs. Apart from exercising in the ACT room. I do go out for a walk with my mom, we try to go out every day, if not then we just do some yoga in the house. Even though if the exercises I do are not vigorous exercises, I can still get many of the health benefits by being active. In chapter three, most of it was like a review to me. I had learned about the heart in my anatomy
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