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Healthcare Care Management

Individuals who use Opioids are Addicts

Presented By Donovan Greenfield

Presented to Professor Jessica Felizardo March 17, 2016


Individuals who use Opioids are Addicts?

Thesis Statement
History of Opioids & Statistics
What drugs are considered Opioids?
When was Opioids Created?
What Era patients first prescribed Opioids?
Americas usage with Opioids
Estimated number in the U.S. who are addicted
Death toll in Massachusetts
What Addiction Characteristics to Opioids
Pain Killers and Pain Management
Cancer patients
Chronic Pain Patients
Treatment plan for Pain
Physician?s Education on Opioids
Physician?s knowledge of risk patients
Classes and programs for Addiction
Changes and plans for Addiction
Physical Therapy
Support Groups
Individual Support from Friends and Family


Donovan Greenfield
Professor Jessica Felizardo
English 102
March 17, 2016

Individuals Who Use Opioids are Addicts

History/ drugs are considered Opioids Individuals who use Opioids are Addicts. The history of this very debatable topic is very educational and interesting. Opioids are drugs that are prescribed for severe to chronic pain, some examples of opioids are: morphine,?methadone, Buprenorphine,?hydrocodone, and?oxycodone.?Heroin?is also an opioid and is illegal. Opioid drugs sold under brand names include: OxyContin?,?Percocet?, Palladone?(taken off the market 7/2005),Vicodin?,
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