Questions On Health Care Services

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Final Exam
HCA 500
Fall 2014
King’s College
Altuwaijri, Abdulaziz
Prof. Dr. Fevzi Akinci

Questions 1 (part 1):
(A) Quality is one of three main sections on health care services. Quality has three dimensions, they are structure, process, and outcome. To identify what are the meaning of these three, it is very important to know what their definitions are as well as examples for each one of them. Structure is the part that focuses of the facilities of a medical clinic or hospital, how well their skills are, the level of the workers’ education as well as training them, and the environment in the organization. For example, there should be workers who have better education and experience in higher level than other staff. If a hospital has an employer with PhD in Healthcare Administration and another worker is a cardiologist, the first one should be the manager according to his background in healthcare and his level of education while the second worker should be the vice manager (Shi and Singh, 2015). Process is the second part of quality in health care. It is the rolls and the policy that is pursued by health organizations whether it is profit or non-profit hospitals, dental clinics, and any other organization that related to healthcare. There are many examples that show how process affects the quality. The policy in following-up patients as well as the way a hospital uses its income to get tools or electronic devises. Also all the decisions that were taken
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