Questions On Health Care System

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WEAKNESS UKHC is following good strategic measures like focusing on complex patients, using EMR, and large physicians and patient network. However, the complexity of payment system is considered as major weakness that offers immense pressure on UKHC due to changing health care reforms (Karpf, Lofgren, Bricker, et al, 2009). Major concerns for UKHC in present situation are,
• Changing in reimbursement structures from volume-based payments to quality and outcome based payment structures.
• Even though growing in, patient centered and quality care rate there is public concern about the quality, access and safety of care provided.
• Growing awareness about medicine and independence of patients are the aspects that are challenging the medical procedures.
• Growing healthcare costs Even though the patient sharing is good from bluegrass funding, it is yet to provide leverage for patients form rural and low economy class. The rate of quality has declined form 12th rank to 19th rank in the recent quality analysis which UKHC need to realize. Extension of the services is needed for the inpatients and emergency is necessary due to increasing load of patients (Fact book, 2015). Implementation of extension process is necessary to increase the number of beds and associated staff.
UKHC has more scope for expansion of its network and associated health care programs. Based on the aging population of Kentucky there is a need to initiate a long-term care unit in
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