Questions On Healthcare Financial Management Essay

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Healthcare Financial Management 60 no 1 78-81 Ja 2006, Title: What Does It Take to Lead? The article I have chosen to review summarizes core competencies on how to manage and lead within the Healthcare industry. Per the article there are five key domains that are common to all types of managers and leaders with in the Healthcare industry. The five domains are communication and relationship management, leadership, professionalism, knowledges of the Healthcare environment, and business knowledge and skills. Communication and relationship management is the ability to communicate clearly and concisely with both internal and external customers and the ability to maintain current relationships and being able to establish new ones. A leader or a managers should be able to understand labor relations strategies, organizational structure and relationships, and the principles of communication, in example crisis communication, alternative dispute resolution, and lastly public relations. One should have the ability to also build collaborative relationships, effective physician and administrative relations, and communicate in an organized mission, vision, objectives, and priorities. Leadership is the ability to create a climate that facilitates motivation and creating and sharing a vision to lead to successful performance. In order for this one must have the ability to understand leadership styles and technique. One should have the ability to gain buy in to accept risk and support new
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