Questions On High Performance Network Design

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Table of Contents TASK 2: CCCU FM radio Catch-up Service 2 TASK 3: DNS 3 TASK 4: The HTTP Protocol 4 TASK 1: High Performance Network Design A computer network is a communications network that permits CPUs to interchange information. In computer networks, interacted computing devices pass information to each other along data networks. Data is moved in the form of packets. The connections (network links) between nodes are recognised using either cable media or wireless media. The computer network that is best known is the Internet. Network computer devices that instigate, route and dismiss the data are called network nodes. Nodes can contain hosts such as private computers, phones, servers as well as networking…show more content…
Also is one CPU decides to fail, it won’t affect the entire system tragically and the network can keep operating at its normal level; it will also be easy to add or remove a workstation at a later date if that is required. The box labeled "IDS" in this network design is an invasion detection system which may be a computer or a created design to log network movement and sense any distrustful movement. In this diagram it is shown outside the firewall, on the semi-private network and defending the servers on the remote network. I think that it may be a good idea to place an IDS just inside the firewall to safeguard the complete private network since an attack may be first launched against a workstation before being launched against a server. The IDS defending the servers could be changed to protect the entire private network, but depending on cost and necessities it is also good to defend your servers, particularly the mail server. Other network equipment used includes: o Routers – They are used to route circulation between physical networks. Many routers deliver packet cleaning using access control lists (ACLs). This can increase network safety when constructed properly. Routers can be constructed to drop packets for some services and also drop packets subject to the source and/or end address. Therefore routers can help
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