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Assignment Title: HRM functions must be integrated with each other and with strategic issues if they are to make a contribution to HR outcomes or the “bottom line” for the organisation. Discuss this statement, with reference to relevant HRM structure.

Student Name: Uzair Aziz

Student ID: 30131135

Lecturer/Tutor: Genna Kaur

Word Count: 1700-1900

Date of Submission: 22nd August’ 2014

Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary
1.1 Introduction
Human resource management is related with people element in management. Since every organisation is made up of people, getting their services, growing their skills, motivating to high level of performances and certifying
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Discuss this statement, with reference to relevant HRM structure”
1.2 Methodology
Secondary Data is mostly collected to complete this report. Different Human Resource Management books are consultant in order to get the information about Human Resource functions and their integration.
1.3 Conclusion
By getting thorough information about the topic I have come to the conclusion that HR functions play vital role in increasing HR efficiency and increasing employee satisfaction. It is of high importance that all the HR functions must be integrated with each other and strategic issues in order to make sure the smooth work environment in the organisation and to motivate employees.
1.4 Recommendation
It is recommended that all the companies should give right recognition for the assistances and accomplishments made by employees. A flexible reward system should be implemented by organisation to improve employee motivation.
2. Research Methodology
The method used to collect data in order to identify different HR functions and their importance is both primary and secondary. Primary Data was collected by conducting interviews with HR professionals and Instructors. For this purpose Questionnaire tool is used.
Secondary Data is collected through different HR related Books and Journals. Thanks to online Moodle of Federation University and ATMC Library which helped me a
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