Questions On Income Statement Assessment

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To: Owner
From: Beverley Lionel
Date: January 22, 2017
Subject: Income Statement Assessment
As part of the Serious Reader Company I am very pleased to be the one to award the 2017 Income Statement. To be in agreement with the demands set forth, the book keeping department will provide an explanation for the outcomes using gross margin and Variable Costing on the income statement. All cost arrangement will be based on the following classifications direct, indirect and fixed cost. Also included is the suggested prediction on how the Serious Reader Company can modify their policies and plans.
The computation for the 2017 statement analyzed sales profits projecting at 90% on books sold and a variable costing statement assuming that the price
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The Serious Reader Company first economic data gives an overwhelming income statement therefore, modifying the company strategy is vital in order to capitalize gross value. It is also vital that the Serious Reader Company continues to conduct financial reviews, recognize losses and implement approaches for decision making process.
In conclusion my advice is to recommend that the management of the Serious Reader Company reevaluate their financial set up and continue to assess all asset and liabilities.

Part two
Reference for business expressed that an Income Statement is considered by many to be an organization’s most vital financial statement. It reveals the dollar amount of the profitability for an organization during a particular timeframe. This statement gives a record of an organization 's incomes and costs for a given timeframe and along these lines it is referred to as the profit and loss statement. Alongside the asset report and income statement, the income statement gives vital financial data to business supervisors, financial specialists, moneylenders, and auditors. There are two types of income statement the single step and the multiple step.
According to Accounting there are two types of income statement the Cash basis income statement and the Partial income statement. For the Cash basis income statement the report only contains revenues for which cash has been received from
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