Questions On Indirect Costs Of Fice Head

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Task 1:-

1. Direct costs: -
The exertion that can be followed straight forwardly to (or in) a particular expense focus or expense question, for example, a division, procedure or item are referred to as Direct cost, (for example, work, material, fuel or vitality) differ with the rate of the yield however consistently for every unit of generation, and are for the most part under the control and obligation of the office head.

2. Indirect costs: -
Indirect cost,(for example, an extraordinary task, gimmick, capacity or item) as an expense thing that expenses are not straightforwardly responsible. Backhanded expenses may be altered or variable. Circuitous expenses, organization, work force and security expenses are incorporated. These immediate expenses are those that are not identified with generation. Some may be roundabout overhead expenses. Be that as it may some overhead expenses straightforwardly ascribed to the task and can be utilized to control using.
3. Fixed costs: -
Build or lessening the measure of created products or administrations with a cost that does not change. That have fixed cost by an organization free of any business movement, expenses are to be paid. It is a decent or administration, with the aggregate expense of the two parts of the expense is variable.

4. Overhead costs: -
Overhead cost for an organization, the expense of the utilized by an association for its presence just to get assets. Overheads are generally measure in cash, however

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