Questions On Inequalities Of Gender Inequality

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1. Inequalities of Gender 1. Discuss the various forms of Gender inequality 2. Choose and discuss two theoretical perspectives used to analyze gender inequality 3. Make sure to compare the perspectives and choose which one you align yourself with Kerbo (1994) refer to gender as the socially constructed definition of what it mean to be female or male. Sex and gender are two separate terms. Sex refers to the biological characteristics. However, gender is completely different. Gender is socially constructed not biological. For example many times when a baby is born male, others would say things like he’s going to be strong or aggressive. These behaviors are usually associated with male characteristics. Society places different types of behaviors, roles and expectations on females and males. There are various types of gender inequality. For example, there is gender inequality in work, income, occupation, and education. Work and gender is can greatly impact individuals. The work that men and women does has a great significant impact on their status in society. Female are more associate with home-base work, while men are associated with high status work that pays. However, many of the work that women does are seen in relation to their husbands. Another, type of gender inequality is in relation to income. There is gap with income between men and women. However in recent years, that gap has begun to narrow. In many societies, men are paid more than women. In addition,

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