Questions On Information Security System

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Question 1: What is information security?
Answer: Information Security is the practice of defending (guiding) information by considering the CIA Triad Principles which are Confidentiality (Authorize access), Integrity (Accuracy and Completeness) and Availability.
Question 2: How is the CNSS model of information security organized?
Answer: The Committee on National Security System (CNSS) is organize by considering the secure system attributes known as CIA triangle which extend the relationship among the three attributes by axes show in diagram ends up with 3*3*3 Cube with 27 cells. Each cell represents an area of intersection among these three dimensions that must address to secure information system. The CNSS Model is also known as Mc Cumber Cube

Question 3: What three principles are used to define the C.I.A. triangle? Define each in the context in which it is used in information security.

Answer: The three principles of C.I.A. triangle are Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.

This context is used in information security in the following ways:

Confidentiality: Access controls help ensure that only authorized subjects can access objects. When unauthorized entities are able to access systems or data, it results in a loss of confidentiality.
Integrity: Integrity maintains the consistency, accuracy and trustworthiness of data over its entire lifecycle.
Availability Authorized requests for objects must be granted to subjects within a reasonable amount of…
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