Questions On Information System And Transaction Processing System Essay

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TASK 1 1. Information system is a combination of hardware, software and telecommunication networks created by organizations or companies to collect, create, process and distribute data. This plays a significant role in a business or an organization to make things run smoothly and efficiently. Data and information are very essential part of the business so information system keep them in a managed system so that it’ll be easier to create, store the data and retrieve when needed in future. Components: The different components in Information systems are as mentioned below: a. Hardware b. Software c. Data d. Human Resources e. Telecommunications Types: a. Transaction processing system b. Management Information system c. Decision Support system d. Executive Information system 2. Transaction Processing System (TPS): Transaction processing system is a program or software to process all the transactions of a business or an organization. All in and out transactions are processed within Transaction processing system. All the transactions in the system undergo ACID test to ensure efficient and reliable transaction. ACID: A- Atomicity: Either the transaction in completed in full or not C- Consistency: I- Isolation: Each transaction is considered as separate and different. D- Durability: Once the transactions are completed they cannot be undone. Characteristics: a) Rapid Processing TPS is should be organized in such a way that the transactions are carried out virtually and

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