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Questions about Information Systems Audit migrating to Virtual Desktop Below is a list of questions about migrating to virtual desktop use that Information System Audit (ISA) has compiled. These questions are items that need to be addressed before ISA switches to virtual desktop. We have included potential solutions to these questions if they prove to be a problem. These potential solutions are suggestions only and do not have to be the solution that is implemented. We have attempted to give you a good base of information to understand the problem and can provide more information if needed. We also have kept this list of questions (with the exception of #7) to be exclusive to ISA. 1) Offsite data retrievals 2) Host on demand did not work…show more content…
Because it is DHHS, we have ad hoc requests of it all the time. DHHS does not allow thumb drives or other USB devices to be connected to their computers and the data is often too large to fit on a CD or DVD, and even if it could, (as they have used them in the past) they do not allow the media to leave the building, so the transfer has to happen onsite. o Potential solution: There can be a laptop that can either be held by ISA or checked out by ISA that is not virtual that can be used. 2) Host on demand did not work. (Talk with Claudia for more information) We use this to connect to the state Main Frame. Several ISA staff use this on an almost daily basis. When a reboot happens 100% of the settings are wiped out. In other words, Outlook needs to be reconfigured, as well as Word, Excel and FileZilla. For most departments this is only a minor inconvenience, for ISA there are VBS scripts that are loaded into the “personal” template of Excel as well as a lot of FTP and sFTP sites in FileZilla. o Potential solution: The VBS scripts for Excel could be included in the raw image for ISA virtual desktops so that the VBA scripts are already setup. For FileZilla, there could be a baseline in the raw image that would include all the sites we most commonly use ISA wide and anyone with additional sites would
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