Questions On Information Technology Project Management

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ITEC 640 Information Technology Project Management 640Ses6Mid.doc
SESSION 6 Mid-Term Exam Jun 28, 2015
Troy Jenkins

1. Project management is a process that involves planning, organization, applying knowledge, tools and techniques, and controlling the resources to project activities to meet the project requirements (Project Management Institute, 2013). A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result (Project Management Institute, 2013). The endeavor has a start and end date which is determined by the achievement of whatever the goal was for the project. A project may have a tangible or intangible result, may be an improvement needed or new process, may involve few people or many, can be a singular endeavor or parts of others, may be a product or service, and can be the result of other projects.
The relationship between scope, schedule, and budget are intertwined by the failure, ineffectiveness, improvement, increase or change of one part that will affect the others. In each, whichever is placed in priority will certainly affect the others: Budget needs to be reduced! This may change the scope of the project to such a degree that corners are cut or parts of the project are left out. This would also affect the schedule by reducing or
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