Questions On Information Technology Specialists

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participants contain 5 Information Technology specialists, 6 employees, 6 researchers and senior executives, 8 educators and teachers, 2 students, 3 business managers and 2 unemployed people. Also, to reflect the geographical diversity of these online collectives, we ensured a relevant representation of the Kabyle participants living in Algeria and more than ten different countries. The first contact with the participants was made via the internet. We arranged to meet with 26 participants between January 2009, and June 2011 in Algiers, Tizi-Ouzou, Vgayet, Paris, Marseille, and Montreal. We had to interview the remaining seven participants via Skype and webcams, because of limited financial and time resources. The interviews were recorded on a digital support of 20 at 40 minutes then translated and transcribed. In addition to these three techniques of collecting data, we performed statistical calculations on the data to support certain parts of the analysis.

The data were reduced by making a double categorization using an ‘operation of classification of the constituent elements of a set by differentiation then by grouping according to the type’ (Bardin,2009: p. 150). By following the progression of the axial and thematic codification, we made at first ‘a progressive and analogical classification of the first elements of the ground’ (Bardin,2009: p. 151), which resulted in a selective mapping of Kabyle Web as well as a draft of the first categories. Secondly, we proceeded
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