Questions On Intellectual Property Rights

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700623621 MID EXAM 1Ans) Intellectual property right gives credit to the original work done by the people .The law the creative work of the people from coping or imitating without their permission. There are three main things that protect the intellectual right .They are copyrights, patents and trademarks. As the technology increases instead of thinking newly ,people are choosing a alternative or easy way of imitating the other works and showing as their own work . Here are few examples of violating the intellectual property rights: 1.)A Beijing court in china has ruled that Microsoft violated intellectual properties of a Chinese company. Violation was over fonts that are used in previous versions of windows operating system, which lead Microsoft to stop selling versions of windows that use Chinese fonts. There are violations of pirated copies of windows that are been selling in China. There was an agreement of using fonts in windows from Zhongyi’s intellectual property. But Zhongyi appealed that the agreement was for Windows 95 only but not for other versions of windows. 2.) In San Juan, the group was arrested by Puerto Rico Police working jointly with U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement, San Juan Municipal Police for producing counterfeit CDs and DVDs at flea market and selling them around Puerto Rico. They were arrested for violating copyrights. Local police with the help of state and federal partners and ICE launched operational
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