Questions On Intelligence And Intelligence

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Chapter eight centered intelligence. The chapter informed readers of its definition, the various theoretical perspective of intelligence, the ways intelligence can be tested, and information on what factors affect intelligence. Theorists have been successful in finding distinctive qualities when defining intelligence. Some of the qualities mentioned were that intelligence is adaptive so that it meets individual’s needs in different situations. Intelligence also requires a learning ability and a use of prior knowledge to assess and analyze new situations. Additionally, intelligence is culture specific meaning some societies may value intelligence in one domain specifically and it involves a combination of different cognitive processes in order to intelligence to be achieved. With these qualities in mind, intelligence in the book is defined as having the ability to apply prior knowledge/experience to complete new and challenging tasks. The chapter continues on to describe some of the perspectives and ways of assessing intelligence. Alfred Binet, a psychologist interested in measuring knowledge, devised a test that would identify students who struggled academically without special educational services. Intelligence tests are one of the earliest measurements of cognitive functioning that predicts academic achievement in a short period of time. Debates have been brought up whether intelligence is one characteristic or a combination of multiple abilities. Another influential
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