Questions On Issues On Marriage Equality

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Kay Kaeun Ji PLSC 428 Assignment 1 Issues on Marriage Equality One of the biggest LGBTQ issues at stake right now is the legalization of marriage equality. Marriage inequality is an issue that effects the entire LGBTQ community because they are not given the constitutional rights due to their sexual preferences. The LGBTQ community is fighting for laws to fully legalize same sex marriage in the United States of America and fighting for the acceptance for their decisions. Today, although there have been a lot of progression in the state level, many same sex couples are not given the same rights as heterosexual couples. So far, there are 37 states that passed the legal gay marriage but there are also 13 states that banned same-sex marriage (Marriage Equality 2015). Alabama was the latest state to pass this marriage equality law very recently. Marriage equality issue has been a debate for a long time and the Supreme Court will finally make a federal law regarding this issue this summer within the federal level. Both sides of legalizing same sex marriage have many reasons why this legislation should or should not pass. Proponents for marriage equality want the state government to pass laws that allows same sex marriage and gives homosexuals equal rights. As stated in the Gay Marriage Pros and Cons website, the proponents believe that same sex marriage bans are discriminatory and unconstitutional in that they are not given rights for what they believe in. They argue that same-sex
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