Questions On Language And Grammar

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1. Spamming and / or Site Trashing Just don 't do it. Okays? It 's not polite and it 's certainly won 't impress us admins or others members if you are ruining this or any other site. First incidence is a warning, second time a member is banned for a week. Third time - do you really want to know? Spamming is basically double posting, one word posts etc. Need more clarification? PM me or one of the other admins. 2. Language and Grammar We are a literate site, meaning one line posts are not acceptable. Yes, everyone gets writers block every now and then so sometimes it just can 't be helped. However, if every IC post you are making is only a few sentences, you will receive a warning. On the whole, we do not have a word count but please…show more content…
We are all here for fun and to hang out and make friends so we really don 't want any drama. 5. The admins ' say is final I think this one is rather self explanatory, don 't you? Respect us and we will respect you! While PawstepsPast is very friendly and we want every member to be a part of the site and character and plot creation, the staff members do have final say. That is not to say that they can abuse their power and if anyone feels as though a staff member is being to harsh, please do not hesitate to speak with a different staff about it. We are all a family here and we need to be friendly and respectful. #002. the image ones! 1. Credit it If someone makes you a signature or avatar, they probably spent quite a lot of time perfecting it for you. Therefore, do not claim it as your own! Credit it as their work. Similarly, don 't steal others signatures / avatars / images. It 's not very polite and we won 't be lenient when we find out (and we will!) you will receive a warning. 2. Imugr It has been declared that the website Imugr is no longer allowing Proboards members to use their photos. So along with crediting your pictures and making sure they are CC, please do not use anything off of Imugr or we risk getting shut down. #003. the out-of-character ones! 1. Be polite Yes, your character has permission to be
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