Questions On Learning And Lesson Planning

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1. What challenges have you faced?
Some of the challenges I have faced behavior issues with the students, disgruntle parents, difficult administration and time management. When I 1st started teaching I had 34 students and I would give homework and I could not check the homework every night and I had a policy where if the child missed 3 homework they would get a phone call. And she called the students home the parent was very rude and was wondering why she was just now getting a call. She didn’t use profanity but I felt degraded and my confidence went down and I felt like I wasn’t a good teacher.

2. What’s your best approach to lesson planning?
The best approach to lesson planning is to be in a quiet space with my materials and I must be
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One of my weaknesses is technology and incorporating it into the lesson. But I am trying to get better by asking questions and my school offers training in the technology in the classroom. The smartboard being an example. Plus, they upgraded the smartboard and I was just adjusting to the one I had currently and then we got a new one.

8. When did you decide to become a teacher and why did you choose this field?
I always wanted to be a teacher even as a child. What helped me make that decision was my first calculus and accounting course because I realize business was not for me and I have always worked with children on one level or another. I was a Sunday school teacher at my church and I had nieces and nephews that I had to watch and assist with their work.

9. What personal strengths do you find especially helpful in your teaching?
The personal strengths that you find helpful in my teaching is the fact that I have always been around children which helps me know how they think and being a team player and work well with others. And plus, I liked to see a finished product. I like to start something and finish it through which is important when teaching.

10. What is your philosophy of education?
My philosophy of education. I still hold on to my three R’s reading, writing a and arithmetic but I see the benefits of grouping and using the different learning style to give the students different every point to the learning. Then education
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