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Student Name: ZHEN HU Student ID: GEC00000A3
Unit Code: VU2169 – Read and write straightforward descriptive and narrative texts
1. My beautiful dog
2. She has a beautiful dog. When he was a puppy, his ears are like cat’s ears and he doesn’t like taking a bath. He is black and white and the eyes are blue color.
3. Her dog name is lucky. He is a s Siberian Husky, she loves him and going to take care of him for all her life.
4. The nine years old girl has a dog, her dog name is lucky and he is a Siberian Husky. The dog is not big but not small, his baby color is black and white, his eyes are blue color.
5. A 9 years old girl from China
6. B
7. The animal is a dog and his name is Lucky
8. Lovely, black and white, blue, big, small
9. Cute
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23. Japan and Australia
Task2:Outline plan of your descriptive text
My favorite basketball layer Lebron James.
My favorite basketball player is Lebron James. Lebron James is an American. He currently plays for Cleveland cavaliers as a small forward. He was born in December 30, 1984, 6 foot 8 tall and 250 lb.
Lebron James has been selected woth the first overall pick in the 2003 NBA draft by the Cleveland cavaliers. He led Cleveland to the franchise’s first finals appearance in 2007, losing to the Sam Antorio Spans. In 2010, he left the cavaliers for the Miami Heat.
James played four seasons for the Heat, reaching the finals all four years and winning back to back championships. In 2012 and 2013, he rejoined the cavaliers in 2015, behind his leadership, Cleveland immediately advanced to two consecutive finals against the golden state warriors, winning the championship in 2016.
I have been watching him play since I was 17, his attitude of playing basketball nearly inspired me. I hope he can stay healthy for rest of his career, to make higher achievement and win more titles. Task2
Write straightforward descriptive text.
Final copy of your descriptive text.2.4
My favorite basketball layer Lebron
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