Questions On Legal Mobilization And Oral And Anal

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Kellie McClure Sociology 323 Final Exam Part 1 (Short answers/terms): 1. Sodomy is any sex that is non-procreative. This means that it is both oral and anal. It applies to everyone, gays, lesbians, and heterosexuals. It is significant to the context of the course because there were sodomy laws and Bowers v. Hardwick was a case that changed the way we talk about things of this nature. 2. Social closure is when there are boundaries created in order to define who is allowed in a profession. This is important to our class discussion because it helps show why there is differences in who is in the profession. This means that women, minorities, and blacks are all given boundaries of how they can enter the law profession. 3. Legal mobilization means that different advocacy groups and organizations with a cause are using the law and litigation in order to create social change. This is important because it shows the different ways in which we enact social change. Law can be used to make a difference in our laws instead of just being to handle a dispute or criminal case. 5. The Access to Justice Gap means that there are more people who are eligible for legal assistance but there are not enough lawyers to accept their cases. This is a growing inequality. This is relevant because is shows the inequality within the system. There are cases that possibly should go to court but without legal assistance especially to those who cannot afford it, there is no possible way for them to
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