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1. Part two: Chapter one Love (noun): “And I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you and I’d choose you.” Over the years, Blake and I had managed to get part-time jobs and get accepted into universities. Although we ended up completing our educations in two different schools, we still managed to make it work, just like we always did. However, there was no cross dressing over that period of my life. We were still getting paid as much money as we normally would from the agency, and they were paying for our education. The key events that had taken place between where we left off to now included; me getting a job at the animal shelter, Blake getting a job at a comic book store, Scott and Haleigh delivering a healthy baby boy after getting married (and then having another baby boy), Eliza finding a boyfriend, and most importantly, adopting our little baby, a kitten, named Daisy. I had suggested the name princess, but Blake had insisted that I was the only princess he wanted in his life, making me swoon and letting him choose the name of our kitten. Today, though, we were moving into our new house. "Hey, losers, heard you needed help moving into your new house!" I turned my head to the noise and laughed when I saw Scott walking towards Blake and I. "Decided to bring Luke?" I asked, laughing and looking down at the baby in his arms. He rolled his eyes and handed the baby to Eliza who accepted him gladly. "Nah, if
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