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Management Information Systems. Case Study 2. Questions: 1) 'Differentiate between Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service and Software as a Service. (use lecture notes as well) ' First of all, cloud computing should be defined. Cloud computing is a term that can be understood as the usage of internet as a source of computer resources. The term has eveolved over years , as when it was firstly created, its primariry function was the transfer of data, especially for the long distances. However, with the increase in the speed of internet, it became possible to place particular computing resources in the " cloud " - for example remote servers Cloud computing stack is a helpfull representation of cloud computing that…show more content…
Almost any visitor can register in these distributed applications, receive some remote service, thus, not caring about the mechanisms of maintenance of all this armada of servers and applications, the timely expansion of communication channels or pay a technician-engineers the cost of servicing the whole of this complex infrastructure -PaaS(Platform as a Service) - cloud platform with all the necessary intermediate and support software ( DBMS framework , services ) . Examples may involve and also Windows Azure. Platform as a Service(Paas) is a newer direction than SaaS, which is offered to developers of cloud applications. Developers that come to such vendors have at their disposal ready development tools, a clear specification, and often have a set of predefined components that they can use to quickly build applications SaaS,as discussed above. The second component of the service platforms - is the associated dedicated hosting, that, in fact, allows you to sell the double product. On the one hand, it is a platform and development tools at its base, on the other hand - is ready to start Wednesday and cloud hosting applications that are built on the basis of these tools. It is important to understand that the level of protection - a market response to the popularity of the top floor of the cloud concept, - SaaS. Surge in popularity of complex
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