Questions On Managing Organizational Change

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Managing Integration IMC 457-0 Angel (Ju-Ping) Lee June 3, 2015 Deep Dive Blog Post How to Survive Organizational Changes in the Fast-Changing World As we have learned all quarter, managing the changing organizational environment is one of the most salient challenges in today’s business world. Managing organizational change properly can minimize resistance from employees and cost of and maximize the effectiveness of the changes. In other words, managing organizational change addresses the human side of the changing management. Personally, I think organizational changes are a great sign for a company. When organizational changes occur, it means the company is faced with an opportunity to make a transition from its current state to a…show more content…
Competitions have also grown more fiercely in the society nowadays. To remain competitive, companies are required to undergo changes. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate So how are some of the most important things an organizational leader can do to effectively manage the company’s culture in order to survive in the ever changing business landscape? One of the most important thing a leader can do is to lead from the front and communicate with management team and employees about how critical cultural change will affect a company’s ability to sustain. Take the time to communicate with the employees to ensure they now what is it their company is about and let them know the process of getting to excellence. Communicating through any kind of medium is an opportunity to reinforce the consistent message and vision to the employees and it’s also a great way to reach agreement on a common vision for a change. Defining Your Unique Culture Before communicating with the employees, however, a clear company culture must be determined by the leader. Defining the company culture is not to put a few buzzword such as “innovation” or “active” but to really understand the business and determine how to manifest the company realistically. A great company culture might be just as motivational to the employees as the name of the company or the salary. That being said, the company culture plays a major role in retaining the employees who may decide
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