Questions On Managing Organizational Change

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Managing Integration
IMC 457-0
Angel (Ju-Ping) Lee
June 3, 2015

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How to Survive Organizational Changes in the Fast-Changing World

As we have learned all quarter, managing the changing organizational environment is one of the most salient challenges in today’s business world. Managing organizational change properly can minimize resistance from employees and cost of and maximize the effectiveness of the changes. In other words, managing organizational change addresses the human side of the changing management. Personally, I think organizational changes are a great sign for a company. When organizational changes occur, it means the company is faced with an opportunity to make a transition from its current state to a better, desired state.

As technology advances, organizational changes and transformation become inevitable in the business landscape. Every day, new markets and technologies emerge and business models and become obsolete easily and quickly. Technological changes can be as minor as updating your software version from 1.0 to 2.0 but also can be as major as it may affect the entire marketing strategy. To be more resilience, a company must incorporate technology changes into the overall systems and supportive, comprehensive company culture must be present.

In order to overcome these challenges, companies have to be even more sophisticated for the ever changing business environment and should be more sensitive to their operations and more aware…
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