Questions On Market And Product Development

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Assessment Weetbix 2

Market Development


Market Penetration

Product Development
- You can seek to customer wants and needs as they always will change, this will make your strategy driven by customers which will give a competitive edge over others.
- It will costly to make a new items or products for every people’s needs and try to satisfy them

Study of the Ansoff models informs that there is two key methods to gain more income, for the growth of the market and evolution of the product. By having a glance at the SWOT that was conducted in the first assessment, it is evident that it will come into view to have a chance to develop and grow into the overseas market, such as Asia, however it could be expensive and have a high risk involved.
 By having different ethnic and culture contrasts a method which is substantial also costly to investigate and analyse what will have to end up doing to start recently developed and newly discovered flavours.
 In NZ, if they market their products well and successfully, doesn’t mean that it will have the equivalent outcome in overseas markets.
Core strategy is to generate a product that is new for weetbix and develop something different. Nowadays generally consumers look for things that are fresh and new. Weetbix current products are now having less sales to generic alternative replacements. They should give those alternative options.
Weetbix should have a new

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