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Id-147152A-First-ABD704 Manvirkaur student presentation
Abacus research institute
Diploma in Business and Business Management (level 7)
Presented at: Ragini Lawerence
Submitted by: Manvir Kaur id of the student: 147152A Contents:
1. Nature, purpose and Port é e of the company
2. Ê investigation you
3. Pizza vision of mania and analyze
4. Fundamental aspects of the organization and of declarations é
5. Organizational goals
6. Organizational Structure
7. Organizational structure and identify gaps
8. External macro environment
9. Micro external environment
10. the viability of the company market
11. Target customers
12. Unique and significant value for target customers
13. Internal Environmental Analysis
14. The key to success
15. the value: the creation, delivery and capture value
16. Resources
17. The strategies business and growth
18. The strategies and marketing plans
19. The strategies and operational Plans
20. Strategies endowment of human resources and plans
21. Strategies and financial plans
22. Risk management and control
23. The evaluation performance and output strategic 1.0 Nature, purpose and Scope of the company.

1.1 (a) the type of business
Chinese Pizza is one of the most preferred preferences by international students in New Zealand junk food. "Pizza Mania" is a new player in the catering sector. The restaurant is in a comfortable, familiar, the regulation that
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