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3. Handwriting skill: The majority of child 's math mistakes were due to their sloppy number writing. They worked on improving it by tracing over the numbers when he was in elementary school. If the teachers cannot read the answers, they will not offer the student full or partial credit for the problem.

4. Missed concepts: Since math builds upon what students have already learned, assistance should be offered as soon as a problem is noticed.

5. Homework: Math homework can be tedious and repetitive, yet it will reinforce the skills learned at school.

6. Challenging concepts: If the child is having difficulty with a specific concept, encourage him to work on extra problems to strengthen his skills.

7. Word problems: Word problems can be challenging for some students. The step by step approach by Video Text interactive helped my children solve any word problem.

8. Mental Math: Learning how to perform mental math can be an asset in solving math problems faster. It 's also essential to show children how to use math skills in our everyday lives.
• When going out to dinner, have the child calculate the tip.
• When baking a cake, ask them to double the recipe. Without knowing it, the child will learn fractions and equations.
• Our local grocery store offered a discount on gas when I used the store gas reward card. Write word problem with examples of what you spent versus the savings on gas. If I needed 15 gallons to fill up my tank and I have a fifty cent per gallon…

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