Questions On Mathematics As Aboriginal Art

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Lesson Plan: 1

Name of Experience
Mathematics as Aboriginal art.

• Art experience using aboriginal symbols or their own creative symbols to explore mathematical concepts.

• Storytelling experience using the concept of a math problem.

Age group
Grade 4

Description • Students engage in the discussion on a picture drawn on an interactive whiteboard (IWB) with the concept of mathematics in the form of art.
• The teacher shows an Aboriginal painting and questions students to describe it mathematically and teaches about symmetry, shapes, angles, patterns, numbers, addition, subtraction and division found from the painting.
• Students are encouraged to discuss it in the form of stories.
• Students participate in an individual art activity using aboriginal symbols or their own creative symbols with the theme of math problem.
• Students describe their art and the embedded mathematical concepts in the form of stories individually.
• Students are encouraged to share their art with the class in an engaging discussion.

Rationale This lesson will help children to explore mathematical patterns, angles, shapes, symmetry and numbers from an Aboriginal painting which promotes students critical thinking. Students explore Aboriginal painting which promotes their learning about Aboriginal culture represented in the form of art, which connects the Aboriginal values and brings into the math lesson. Students’ engaging artwork encourages their symbolism creativity and the knowledge…
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