Questions On Mathematics As Aboriginal Art

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Lesson Plan: 1 Name of Experience Mathematics as Aboriginal art. • Art experience using aboriginal symbols or their own creative symbols to explore mathematical concepts. • Storytelling experience using the concept of a math problem. Age group Grade 4 Description • Students engage in the discussion on a picture drawn on an interactive whiteboard (IWB) with the concept of mathematics in the form of art. • The teacher shows an Aboriginal painting and questions students to describe it mathematically and teaches about symmetry, shapes, angles, patterns, numbers, addition, subtraction and division found from the painting. • Students are encouraged to discuss it in the form of stories. • Students participate in an individual art…show more content…
And it connects with the Australian Curriculum areas: Create symmetrical patterns, pictures and shapes with or without digital technologies. The Storytelling strategy engages all students in listening and promotes their imagination, emotions and critical thinking skills while learning the main concept of math. The class discussion along with questioning strategy throughout the lesson promotes students’ exploratory conversations and shared experiences on mathematics. The main theme of this lesson is to enable students to understand Aboriginal symbols in the painting and reinforce the relation of the mathematical concepts behind the symbols. Resources • IWB for engaging students as a start. • Computers for an extended activity. • Paper and a set of colour pen each for students to create their own Aboriginal art • An Aboriginal Painting that had aboriginal symbols depicting a variety of food and people. Introduction The teacher gathers students on the carpet and draws a circle with a dot at the center on the IWB and questions children about their feedback on it and expects for mathematical terms circle, round, one, center, radius, diameter and circumference. She concludes that a single picture represents more mathematical concepts. Now show an Aboriginal painting. Strategies • Encourages children in conversations. • Questioning strategy to promote students’ conversation and to enhance students’ learning. • Constant
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