Questions On Mergers And Acquisitions

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Individual Coursework Submission Form
Specialist Masters Programme
Surname: Baliova First Name: Hana
MSc in: Actuarial Management Student ID number: 150056485
Module Code: SMM233
Module Title: Mergers and acquisitions
Lecturer: Anna Faelten Submission Date: 8.7.2016
By submitting this work, I declare that this work is entirely my own except those parts duly identified and referenced in my submission. It complies with any specified word limits and the requirements and regulations detailed in the coursework instructions and any other relevant programme and module documentation. In submitting this work I acknowledge that I have read and understood the regulations and code regarding academic misconduct, including that relating to plagiarism, as specified in the Programme Handbook. I also acknowledge that this work will be subject to a variety of checks for academic misconduct.
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One of the largest media and entertainment corporations in the world; owner of several television networks and feature film companies (ABC, the Disney Channel, and Miramax Films) and owner of many theme parks and attractions. Disney has a…

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