Questions On Migrant Alternate Assessment

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Migrant Alternate Assessment
Three Points Addressed
Where are you coming from? Why are you moving? How is your life different since your move? The aforementioned points are explained in detail through the summary and 15 question sections.
15 Questions -- Interview by Shafi Akhtar
1. Question: What is the size of your family?
Answer: My family, in the similar way as many other Pakistanis, is composed of many members. In my immediate family, I have four younger sisters whom are very young and two brothers, one of which is older than me and works as a janitor; additionally, all my other siblings work the family farm for wheat.
2. Question: What was your occupation in your homeland? How much did you earn?
Answer: In my homeland, I worked as a farmer along my siblings in the wheat fields; although a menial and taxing job which would be thought to receive an equally deserving income, our family was very poor, having to use things sparingly. When I grew up, I had the opportunity to go to town and work with my older brother, but I came to study before having the chance.
3. Question: What were your living conditions?
Answer: I lived in a farm with two shack houses, one for the animals and farm equipment and the other for sleeping. The shack where my family lived in was composed of three rooms, two for bedrooms and one where we ate. Besides that, we have clean water by means of well, however, in some instances the well may dry up or have very little water which is bad for the…
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