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1. How did your lesson connect (p. 113) to the students’ prior knowledge, the real world, to action, and to participants? (1.) My day two lesson plan connects to the prior knowledge because it builds off the same skill as the previous day (Lesson plan day one). My lesson plan is building from the understand out of prior knowledge of multiplication and subtraction. I used a formative assessment in my lesson plan to help guide instructions and to determine comprehension. Scaffold was used in my lesson plan to temporary support until long division has been mastered. (2. & 3.) I always try to connect to the students ' real world and action. For example, I related long division by dividing up the class by groups of 5 to visibly see division to show division as an action and a reality (4.) In my lesson plan I engage all students to participate no matter the learning levels or needs. I used textual, physical, social media, and grouping and assessment as various methods to engage all students to participate in all activities.

2. How did you organize (p. 117) your lesson in terms of content, time, and activities? In my lesson plan, I organize the content at a high level to create a meaningful structure for my 5th grade students. My lesson plan are building as it relates to division skills. The first day we learned long division without remainder and the next day the students learned long division with remainder. Stay with the same concept allows them to scaffold…

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