Questions On My Past Usernames

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IGN xArcticStrqfe (Rank Warlord) my past usernames were, xArcticStrqfe 10/19/2016 @ 3:31:14 PM xX_ArticPvPz_Xx 4/4/2016 @ 4:57:14 PM poprr Age: 36 birthday is July 4 1980 Timezone: PST, united states How many hours can you contribute to the server each day: I can contribute around 4-8 hours each day on the network, As a staff member i will have to be active to help other, or ban hackers of the network. Have you had any previous punishments on OpCraft: I have never had any punishments on the network, and until the day i die. I will never be punished on this server. What Is your previous staff experience: Yeah, i have had some staff experience, such as on skidhcf, Which the server is being developed as i 'm writing this application. And the other server i was staff on was WeeabooHCF which is down forever, it was an ok server. Not everyone knew about but i have gained a lot of experiences as being a staff member onto that server. Over the years of being staff on those server listed above i have gained so much knowledge on kitmap and hcf server. Such as being able to know if someone is hacking, or just if they are using obvious hacks, such as b-hop, etc. I loved being staff on WeeabooHCF, like i said it wasn 't as known. But at least 30-40 players played on it. I just have learned so much as being a head-mod on that server. Its was a great experience being a staff member on that server. And i wish to have a great experience playing on the opcraft network. Why do you
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