Questions On Networked Information Systems

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COMP2410 Networked Information Systems Assignment 2: Part 1 Aiden Ahn (u5458942) Sam Ye (u1111111) Introduction Zxcasdqwe Question 1 Objective: To find out the risk of customers using bank accounts and provide methods for mitigation of the highest priority residual risk. Constraint: Stakeholders: Customers (primary), the bank, thieves Assets: Money Threats & vulnerabilities The nature of all these threats are caused by unauthorised person to access the data that they don’t have the right to view/alter. • Pay by tap credit cards: This is a permanent physical data storage mean where all credential data is on it, it’s kind of like a black box container where you can use the information store on this piece of object, since this kind of object is easy to steal by an entity, therefore it should be considered as a threat. • ATM: ATM is a physical embed-in device which is to be installed on the wall as part of the supporting infrastructure, despite of the fact that is unmovable, it is possible that any third party scam devices is installed on the it by an intruder, such device includes hidden camera, fake PIN pads and card skimmers. These data collection devices can retrieve your personal private information quickly if you trigger them by the way they want. • Online bank: Since this process is done by the internet, then various of threats can be caused. • Viruses/Malwares: This includes downloading a spamming software (malware/backdoors), open unknown source emails
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