Questions On Nursing And Discharge Planning

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Name: J.L. Code Status: DNR Age: 67 Gender: Female Ethnicity: Caucasian Allergies: NKA Occupation: Hygienist Current weight: 149.7 kg Chief complaint: “I began having shortness of breath, I couldn’t breath.” Medical diagnoses: Pulmonary hypertension Patient Education & Discharge Planning Patient will not be discharged anytime soon. But she is informed through the nurse and doctors that an increase in her oxygenation might be prescribed if experience any symptoms of shortness of breath will at home. Nutritional/ Diet: She is on a regular diet. At the moment she is on fluid restrictions. But having a nutritionist speak to her about decreasing her intake of sodium will help relieve some of the edema. Social worker: The social worker came to speak to her about the possibility of being transferred to nursing home or have assess to home health. Developmental Stage Integrity versus Despair J.L. is a 67 year-old Caucasian, female. Under the Erikson’s stages, she falls under the integrity versus despair stage, where many adults review their lives with a sense of satisfaction, even with their inevitable mistakes (Perry, Stocker, Hall, 2013), she stated to being proud of having two professional children. She worked hard to raise them good. Pathophysiology/Health history Diabetes Mellitus Type 2: is a chronic disorder where the pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin, or the body does not have the ability to use up the insulin it produces, or both, resulting in
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