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NURS 409 Community Health Nursing Weekly Clinical Journal Each clinical week a journal needs to be submitted evaluating your ability to meet the clinical performance objectives. Examples must be provided detailing how you have achieved the objectives. 1. Plan, provide, and delegate client-centered and coordinated care that promotes safe and high quality outcomes. - During this week I was not in the clinical setting, however I did participate in a case studies in which I was able to plan provide, delegate client centered care and coordinated of care. I was the preceptor and I was able to provide my client options to promote safety like moving the newspaper magazine from the floor to prevent another slip and fall. I was also able to delegate care to my preceptee while I conversed with the wife about options for better client safety. I was able aid with the care of the client by sitting him up so he would breath better and stop coughing. 1.1 Theoretical Knowledge: Relate nursing knowledge in the community setting for safe nursing care. - Using my acquired nursing knowledge, I was able to make clinically sound decision like referring the client to meal on wheel services, because they would no longer adequately make food for themselves. I also use my nursing knowledge to realize that a three-year-old could not properly take care of a baby and the proper choice how be to see if there was anyone from the church that would aid the family with some of these burdens 1.2 Clinical
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