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S.S. ONLINE HOTEL MANAGEMENT By: Sandeep Singh 14111432 Tasman International Academies Department of Information Technology In partial fulfilment of the requirements of Diploma in Information Technology (Level 7) Supervisor: Saud Altaf Auckland, New Zealand 2015 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I have taken actions in this task report. Be that as it may, it would not have been plausible without the kind boost and help of everybody, including my protectors, educators, family and my companions. I would love to take this chance to devote my affirmation of gratefulness to the additional striking advisors and givers of this venture report. An exceptional much obliged for Mr. Saud Altaf for his steady backing and support to my undertaking. He compassionate read my task and offered precious point by point advices on linguistic use, organizing and the substance of the undertaking. Furthermore, unique a debt of gratitude is in order for Mr. Sathiyanathan Ananth, our HOD to guide me and give important advices, in the course of recent weeks of my quest for this task report. At last, I genuinely might want to thank my guardians, family and my companions for their steady guidance and monetary backing. The result of this venture would not be conceivable without every one of them. Table of Contents CHAPTER 1 5 INTRODUCTION AND CONCEPT FORMULATION 5 1.1CASE STUDY 5 1.2Problem Statement 6 1.3Solutions 6 1.4Objective 7 1.5Feasibility Study 7 1.5.1Supply/Demand Dynamics 8 1.5.2

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